Some audience comments from recent concerts
 "A great concert. Congratulations to everyone. We did enjoy it."
 "My first ever concert, the orchestra really enhanced it."
"The orchestra really made a difference."
"Wonderful, joyous sound of the choir in The Messiah and perfectly balanced by the orchestra."
"The choir made a powerful sound with the orchestra."
"I liked the Hallelujah Chorus."
“The performance has revitalised my love of The Messiah."
"I enjoyed the concert. I enjoyed it very much indeed."
 "I am over flowing with praise."   
 "Very good.Wonderful. Good pace to the concert."   
 "Best one we have been to. Absolute magic."
"Great performance. Very entertaining evening. Many thanks."   
"The concert was fun and is always fun."     "I was surprised at how good the choir is."   
 "The choir sung to its strengths."   
 "Soloists poised with natural, expressive singing. They and the choir connected with the audience and seemed to include them in the performance."   
 "Angela Good excellent."   
 "Tenor superb, excellent, rich voice."

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